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Medicaid planning for long-term care in Maryland can be challenging, particularly because the state has such strict limitations on who qualifies. While Medicaid funds cover more than half of all nursing homes residents, many individuals have had to drain all of their economic resources to fit that criteria. Fortunately, the Law Office of Jane Sopher is equipped to leverage Maryland laws to help seniors get long-term care without exhausting all of their resources.

Medicaid Income Limitations for Long-Term Care

Maryland laws deter many senior citizens from thinking they qualify for Medicaid nursing home assistance. The low income and asset thresholds force many individuals to pay out of pocket to reside in nursing homes.

However, the Law Office of Jane Sopher has helped numerous senior citizens achieve long-term care while staying within Maryland’s qualifying standards. Contrary to popular belief, there are ways we can help seniors fit the criteria.

Spousal Impoverishment Rules

If an individual needs long-term care and has income above Maryland’s threshold but has a spouse who needs sufficient money to live, spousal impoverishment rules exist to protect assets. These assets, also known as exempt assets, cannot be used to deny long-term care.


Although there may be specific limitations and requirements, under Maryland law in 2024, spouses are allowed monthly income up to $3,853.50 and can keep up to $154,140 in assets, in addition to the family home. These limits are announced by Social Security each year and generally increase slightly.

What Qualifies as Exempt Assets?

As part of Medicaid planning, the Law Office of Jane Sopher will work to identify these exempt assets, which can include:


  • Less than $2,500 in cash

  • Personal effects and household goods

  • A home with up to $713,000 as long as a spouse, child under 21, or a disabled person lives in the house; homes can also be transferred to spouses, certain family members or other qualifying adults with no penalty (see our list of Medicaid planning questions to learn more)

  • A vehicle of unlimited value if as long as it is used to transport a person to medical maintain employment, contains a disability accommodation, or driven by the spouse as the primary vehicle

  • Burial plot and prepaid funeral

Help with Medicaid Planning for Maryland Long-Term Care

The Law Office of Jane Sopher is here to help seniors with Medicaid planning. Call us today at 410.486.8910 to schedule a consultation.

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