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An estate in probate can often require an extraordinary level of detailed analysis. There can be complex issues that are overwhelming for our loved ones. We will handle everything for you. Whether your loved one had a Will or passed without having drafted a Will, our Maryland law attorneys  help clients understand the probate process.

How We Help Clients During Probate Estate Administration

Drafting and Filing the Petition of Probate

First, someone from the estate has to be appointed as the Personal Representative. In many cases, your loved one will have made that designation in the Last Will and Testament. If not, Maryland law gives priority to family members depending on their relationship.


We will help you draft and file that initial petition and other documents to get the proceedings underway to appoint you as Personal Representative.   

Obtaining a Valuation of all Estate Property

Determining the value of property within the estate can be a challenge. Our lawyers will help you sort through the logistics and ensure accurate valuation on real property and personal property.


As part of planning for probate, we’ll also identify non-probate items like Living Trusts and certain types of bank accounts which may be exempt from the probate process.

Negotiate and Satisfy Estate Debts

If your loved one has outstanding debts upon death, The Law Office of Jane Sopher will work with you and the creditors to make sure the  debts are valid. Our team will even work to negotiate a fair settlement whenever possible.

Effectuate the Distribution of Assets

Estate assets should only be distributed after the Court enters an Order. Administrative expenses, funeral costs, inheritance tax, and other debts must be satisfied before any distributions to heirs or legatees can occur. We will file all of the documents required to obtain the Court Order and help you distribute the assets properly.

Prepare Estate Tax Returns

If an estate tax return is needed, we will advise you on filing these returns on the estate’s behalf.

We're Here to Answer Your Questions About Probate

The Law Office of Jane Sopher is here to help you navigate the challenges of the probate process. Call us today at 410.486.8910 for more information about probate or other legal questions.

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